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HUMANWINE is a band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Their name is an acronym of the phrase, "Humans Underground Making Anagrams Nightly While Imperial Not-Mes Enslave".This is a reference to the subtly-coded lyrics that comprise most of their songs. Founded in 2002 by Holly Brewer and Mat McNiss, this band features a rotating lineup of supporting musicians.    "wikipedia"
 The Muzik of HUMANWINE is fluid and changing with each line up. Often 1 or more players on stage will be playing together for the first time and that methodology is the fabric of what makes them so special from their approach to songwriting through their presentation of their work whether it be in live performances or the videos and mini movies they create.

deathwish for the impostor (from "mass exodus" album '2009)

big brother (from "fighting naked" album 2007)


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