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Of the wand & the moon

Of The Wand & The Moon is the creative live and recorded music works of Danish musician Kim Larsen and various guest contributors.
After irreconcilable differences with his previous musical project,Saturnus, Larsen began writing music of a different vein, similar in style to his neofolk influences but very different than the doom metal he had previously created.       "wikipedia"

Raven chant (from "nightime nightrhymes" album '99)

Megin runar (from "lucifer" album '03)

My black faith (from "sonnenheim" album '05)

encyclopaedia matallum

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The Black Water

The Black Water was a band from Kansas City, that played dark rock in the vein of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Swans. They were active throughout the late 90’s, finally breaking up in 2002. Frontman Shawn Hamontree and guitarist Terrence Moore are both currently in American Catastrophe.   ""

Band members:
Shaun Hamontree - guitars and lead vocals
Brent Kinder - bass guitar
Brian Kincaid - drums and percussion
Terry Moore - guitars and backing vocals

Numb (from "whores" album '1999)

Opus:tongue (from "train,man,drunk" album 2002)

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Serena Joy

From out of the mists of Cardiff, Weymouth and London come Serena Joy, an ambient mix of lo-fi indie, post rock and melodramatic sky torching screamo. Featuring members of andtheywillriot! and Missiles Of Uncertain Destinations. Debut EP out on We Heart Records.  "
-With the majestic, twisted glory of early These Arms Are Snakes, and the biting melodies of the supremely righteous Icarus Line all mixed with a chilling etherealness that makes SJ head and shoulders above their fellow all-bluster-no-identity semesters. Genius!   "myspace"

Ours will be a lonely battle e.p. '2007

1. movement i
2. movement ii
3. movement iii
4. movement iv

Movement iv

Movement ii
  Serena Joys - Movement ii by movingwithheavyheart

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Playfellow has already established a very strong position with its first album "Penumbra". Their second album "Carnival Off" only confirms the raw energy of the debut this time covered into much more intricate compositions, harder to get through but the more beautiful. This 5 piece with their shimmering guitar and keyboard soundscapes which can mutate into a massive wall of beautiful noise, combined with the haunting vocals of Toni Niemeier and Katharina Mey, is a young band from Germany. And their music has already become something very hard to pin down…which is always a good sign!

your ghost (from "carnival off" album '10)

What was that again (from "penubra" album '08)