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Πέμπτη, 7 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Before you die...- spastic dance

Alternative folk band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
-Epic in sound, epic in depth, epic in heart, Spastic Dance is a sprawling piece of work reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens or Arcade Fire.
                                                                     "devil's ruin records
Band members:
Ulf Wederbrand-Banjo, guitar and engineering.
Jonathan Claesson-Electric guitar.
Andreas Bergerson-Vocals, megaphone.
Martin Olsson-Drums, percussion.

  1. halflife
  2. bleed
  3. teflon
  4.  silverfish
  5. yesterday’s news
  6. killswitch
  7. flakton
  8. la luna
  9. a river
10. if i can choose
11. spastic dance

Yesterday's news (live)

Killswitch (live)

A river
  Before you die...- A River by movingwithheavyheart

  before you die...- Killswitch by movingwithheavyheart


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