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Briertone is a band from the Central Coast of California. They combine indie, Southern rock and bluegrass elements to create a musical style that they refer to as "outlaw rock." They have changed their name and are now known currently as Adam Pasion Band.     "wikipedia"
 -They sound like a hundred other indie/emo bands except they sound like a indie/emo band that just heard 16 horsepower the night before and now are trying to be like 16 horsepower.    "livejournal"
Tumbleweed EP (2003)
Confessions Of The Wicked EP(2004)
Sojourners EP (2006)

 Confessions of the wicked

Run your Mouth

Philip and I
  briertone - Philip And I by movingwithheavyheart

Strawfoot (16 Horsepower cover)
  Briertone - Strawfoot (16 Horsepower Cover) by movingwithheavyheart 


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