vangelis motsikas 1.3.1976 - 17.12.2007

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Rusalka. A water nymph in Slavic mythology who has the appearance of a long-haired, pretty young girl and represents the soul of a drowned girl or an unbaptized dead child.
Rusalka. A post rock band from Illinois U.S.A.
Band Members:
Daniel Lee- guitars/vox
Sam Geneser- guitars/vox
Ben Zuckermann- bass/vox
Matt Zuckermann- drums
Summer '09 e.p.
Accent e.p. '10
Joyluck (from "Accent" e.p.)


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Themes - The Phantom

THEMES creates a lush sound scape of proto folk rock mixing thick Baritone
guitars, heavy piano driven arrangements, and fiercely pensive rhythms, while male and female vocals intertwine, weaving colorful blankets of stories filled with an ageless haunted insight, that somehow, seems urgently necessary in today’s world. While striking a thoughtful tone, THEMES draws many comparisons to such greats as Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Grace Slick, and Neil Young.

<a href="">A FIRE IN THE HILLS by THEMES</a>

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The Deep Freeze Mice were an English New Wave band that were active between 1979 and 1989. They were based in Leicester, and consisted of the core members Alan Jenkins (guitars and singing), Sherree Lawrence (organ and other keyboards), and Mick Bunnage (bass guitar). The band had two different drummers over the years: Graham Summers and Pete Gregory.
The band released 10 albums during their existence on their own labels: from 1979 to 1983 on Mole Embalming Records, from 1983 to 1989 on Cordelia Records. Their music was odd, often consisting of absurd and surreal lyrics delivered in Alan's deadpan voice accompanied by bouncy pop/progressive rock music. Favoured lyrical concerns included animal rights, conformity, and science fiction.  "wikipedia"
  • My Geraniums are Bulletproof (1979)
  • Teenage Head in My Refrigerator (1981)
  • The Gates of Lunch (1982)
  • Saw a Ranch House Burning Last Night (1983)
  • I Love You Little Bo Bo with Your Delicate Golden Lions (double L.P.) (1984)
  • These Floors Are Smooth (7" single) (1985)
  • Hang on Constance, Let Me Hear the News (EP) (1985)
  • Neuron Music (12" EP) (1986)
  • Live in Switzerland (1986)
  • War, Famine, Death, Pestilence and Miss Timberlake (1987)
  • Rain Is When the Earth is Television (1987)
  • The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia (1988)
I Met a Man Who Spoke Like an UCCA Form

from "My Geraniums are Bulletproof"

Something Else Instead

Who's Afraid of Humans

2 songs from the beautiful double l.p.  "I Love You Little Bo Bo with Your Delicate Golden Lions"

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other in june

From Russia with love
Other In June is an acoustic side-project of Dmitry “Flo” Tishin,
the leader of goth band Doppelgänger,
who describes his music as “…summer air vibrations.
These are visions dissolving in evening twilight.
Flo runs this project all by himself doing vocals, playing acoustic guitars and keyboards as well as programming
The sound is very close to what’s called 
gothic americana or alt-country 
sometimes and has a strong vibe 
of oldschool goth music.
Other In June released two EPs 
and the first full-length Under the Headstones.  "lastfm" 

Other in June - fresh snow when she died


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 Bailter Space is an atmospheric noise rock band that formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987 as Nelsh Bailter Space; they had previously recorded as The Gordons. Its members are Alister Parker (guitar, bass), John Halvorsen (bass, guitar), Brent McLachlan (drums/percussion, samples). After releasing seven studio albums, numerous EPs/singles and a career retrospective compilation, Bailter Space went on an extended hiatus in 2004. They returned in August 2008 to play the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan."The Sonic Youth of the Southern Hemisphere"
the "w" song (from the album "tanker" 1988)

begin (from the album "robot world" 1993)

ad man (from the album "thermos" 1989)

unofficial homepage 

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Herod Layne - Absentia

Brazilian post-rock band Herod Layne - Sachalf (guitars), Elson (bass, guitars), Lippaus (guitars), Johnny (drums) - announces the release of their new album, entitled Absentia. The album contains seven songs and three incidental songs, and was recorded during a six-month period.

The Unsung Hero

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For A Minor Reflection - Höldum í átt að óreiðu

Starting life as a hard rock duo in a tiny garage in Reykjavík, Iceland, For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) morphed into an indie rock trio (for a week or so) and a blues quartet (for a little longer) before finally arriving at their current incarnation: instrumental post-rockers du jour.
Needless to say the tour with Sigur Rós attracted the attention of a lot of promoters which landed them a showcase slot at Eurosonic at the start of 2009 and a months headline tour in Europe early summer last year Spending the rest of the summer writing a new album FaMR chose the Sigur Ros studio in Iceland to record 10 new songs with LA producer Scott Hackwith.

1 Kastljós 4:34
2 Fjara 2:17
3 Flóð 4:05
4 Dansi Dans 3:28
5 Andlega Veðurtepptir 6:32
6 Tómarúm 2:25
7 Sjáumst Í Virginíu 14:28
8 Átta 4:30
9 A Moll 6:36
10 Séd til Lands 2:17

 Dansi Dans (Filmed & recorded live at Hellnar…)

For a minor reflection from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

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Noiserv – A Day In The Day Of The Days [EP]

Noiserv is a project that appeared in 2005 when David Santos decided to join all the material that he had achieved for a long time and turned it into something real and serious. On July, 2005, Noiserv was invited to join the Portuguese netlabel Merzbau and edit his first EP, “56010-92 ”. After that David had played in Portugal's most important alternative scene venues and quickly had become well-known in Portuguese media and audience.
In the beginning of July noiserv released his last e.p. called "A day in the day of the days"... a soundtrack for a day in our life...

01. Mr. Carousel
02. The Sad Story of a Little Town
03. BIFO
04. Time 2
05. Attenagro

Bullets on Parade


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Sunlight Ascending - You Don't Belong Here EP

Sunlight Ascending is a 5-piece experimental rock group from Detroit, Michigan that formed in the beginning of 2007. Comprised of James Schultz (guitar, keyboards), Jeremy Schultz (drums), Trish Chisholm (bass, guitar), Sean Reed (guitar, viola), and Andrew Mcilwain (guitar, bass), they are currently signed to Futurerecordings (The Ascent of Everest, We All Inherit the Moon, Indian Summer) and have released a 9-song full-length CD, "All the Memories, All at Once", and a 7-song self-titled demo.

"You Don't Belong Here" new EP

01. Diorama Dream
02. Like Coming Home
03. The Golden Plane
04. Old Friends Part Ways

Diorama Dream (Live At The Eagle Theatre February 6, 2010)

Diorama Dream (Studio Version)