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Δευτέρα, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2010

American Catastrophe - Excerpts from the Broken Bone Choir

Exploring the Americana, the rural grit, the murderer, and the romantic, American Catastrophe draws upon their diverse experiences in experimental jazz, old school punk, expansive guitar epics and operatically trained baritone vocals to fashion a powerful brand of American Gothic with an original take on the murder ballad tradition.      ""

1. The Well
2. The Farm
3. Broken Bone Choir
4. Hang 'Em High
5. Wither
6. Tension

The Well
  American Catastrophe - The Well by movingwithheavyheart

  American Catastrophe - Tension by movingwithheavyheart


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Briertone is a band from the Central Coast of California. They combine indie, Southern rock and bluegrass elements to create a musical style that they refer to as "outlaw rock." They have changed their name and are now known currently as Adam Pasion Band.     "wikipedia"
 -They sound like a hundred other indie/emo bands except they sound like a indie/emo band that just heard 16 horsepower the night before and now are trying to be like 16 horsepower.    "livejournal"
Tumbleweed EP (2003)
Confessions Of The Wicked EP(2004)
Sojourners EP (2006)

 Confessions of the wicked

Run your Mouth

Philip and I
  briertone - Philip And I by movingwithheavyheart

Strawfoot (16 Horsepower cover)
  Briertone - Strawfoot (16 Horsepower Cover) by movingwithheavyheart 


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HUMANWINE is a band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Their name is an acronym of the phrase, "Humans Underground Making Anagrams Nightly While Imperial Not-Mes Enslave".This is a reference to the subtly-coded lyrics that comprise most of their songs. Founded in 2002 by Holly Brewer and Mat McNiss, this band features a rotating lineup of supporting musicians.    "wikipedia"
 The Muzik of HUMANWINE is fluid and changing with each line up. Often 1 or more players on stage will be playing together for the first time and that methodology is the fabric of what makes them so special from their approach to songwriting through their presentation of their work whether it be in live performances or the videos and mini movies they create.

deathwish for the impostor (from "mass exodus" album '2009)

big brother (from "fighting naked" album 2007)


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Woodcat - s/t

Woodcat is a dark folk band from Minneapolis,U.S.
Produced by local Americana enthusiast Robert Skoro, “Woodcat” was apparently recorded inside a fishtank, giving it the claustrophobic and harrowing atmosphere of dread endemic to the genre. There are multiple modern day touchpoints for “Woodcat;” what sprang immediately to mind, though, was Christian gloomsters 16 Horsepower crossed with the Violent Femmes’ second album “Hallowed Ground,” minus the fun songs.
The male vocals eerily ape Gordon Gano with shrieking female counterpoint somewhere at the intersection of Thalia Zedek (Live Skull, Come) and the banshee wails of Bjork.                                         "myspace"

Band members:
Maria Vigesaa:cello, vocals
Marshall LaCount:vocals, guitar, banjo
Kirstin Grieve:percussion, bass, tv
Matthew Lilyquist:synthetic drums, accordian

1.Jack (Call to Arms)
3.Ave Maria
5.Dangerous Minds
6.Hope You Live

  Woodcat - Ulv by movingwithheavyheart

Ave Maria
  Woodcat - Ave Maria by movingwithheavyheart

  Woodcat - Witches by movingwithheavyheart

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Slim cessna's auto club - Buried behind the barn

Slim Cessna's Auto Club is a alternative country/gothabilly band formed in 1993 in Denver, Colorado. The constant in the band has been Slim Cessna, formerly a member of The Denver Gentlemen along with David Eugene Edwards and Jeffery-Paul of 16 Horsepower       "wikipedia"

Somewhere on the backroads of America is a crossroads where the roots of American music cross with punk sensibilities. This crossroads has spawned numerous bands over the years, bands that employ the style of music that America was founded on, but twist them to their ideal. The sound has been spawned and propagated by bands like Murder by Death and Th’ Legendary Shackshakers, but perhaps none has done more with the sound than Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.
On Buried Behind the Barn, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club has collected and re-released a collection of songs once only available on a limited edition CDR from 2004, songs that would be reworked for later albums into something drastically different.                     "punkmusic

1. Cranston
2. Port Authority Band
3. Angel
4. Thirteen Crimes
5. Shady Lane
6. Jackson
7. Sister’s Husband
8. Earthquake


Raven (from "American country music saved her life" live album 1998)

 Jesus is in my body:my body has let me down (from "cipher" album 2008)
  Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Jesus Is In My Body:My Body Has Let Me Down by movingwithheavyheart

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Before you die...- spastic dance

Alternative folk band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
-Epic in sound, epic in depth, epic in heart, Spastic Dance is a sprawling piece of work reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens or Arcade Fire.
                                                                     "devil's ruin records
Band members:
Ulf Wederbrand-Banjo, guitar and engineering.
Jonathan Claesson-Electric guitar.
Andreas Bergerson-Vocals, megaphone.
Martin Olsson-Drums, percussion.

  1. halflife
  2. bleed
  3. teflon
  4.  silverfish
  5. yesterday’s news
  6. killswitch
  7. flakton
  8. la luna
  9. a river
10. if i can choose
11. spastic dance

Yesterday's news (live)

Killswitch (live)

A river
  Before you die...- A River by movingwithheavyheart

  before you die...- Killswitch by movingwithheavyheart