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Δευτέρα, 6 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010

Muir - Lay down in the light

New release from my friend Max.
Muir is a music project of Max Buchanan from Brisbane Australia.
His music is a mix of post-rock,ambient,dreamy soundscapes full of emotions and feelings.
"Shining Streetlights Are Dazed While The Sun Is Still Breathing" Two track release. 
"ihopeyousuffer/muir split" Split CD-R release.
"Just Awkward & Quietly Alone Together, For A Tired Lover You Hold On Ever So Tightly" Full length.
"We Stop The Words From Flowing Out Of Our Mouths. Rage, Rage, Goodnight" Two track release.
"I Am A Person, I Am Breathing" Cassette tape release.
"The King Of Red Lions / Piers" Split CD-R release.(under the name "piers")
"Sleeping on The Undercurrent" Full length (under the name "piers")
"Demo 2010" (Under the name "nations")
Go to myspace page and download muirs discography.

01. Welcoming
02. Raising flags
03. Breathing (part one)
04. Breathing (part two)
05. A collection on cities
06. Nest

<a href="">Welcoming by Muir</a>

Listen the whole album and believe me you will find beautiful things right there.

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