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The Deep Freeze Mice were an English New Wave band that were active between 1979 and 1989. They were based in Leicester, and consisted of the core members Alan Jenkins (guitars and singing), Sherree Lawrence (organ and other keyboards), and Mick Bunnage (bass guitar). The band had two different drummers over the years: Graham Summers and Pete Gregory.
The band released 10 albums during their existence on their own labels: from 1979 to 1983 on Mole Embalming Records, from 1983 to 1989 on Cordelia Records. Their music was odd, often consisting of absurd and surreal lyrics delivered in Alan's deadpan voice accompanied by bouncy pop/progressive rock music. Favoured lyrical concerns included animal rights, conformity, and science fiction.  "wikipedia"
  • My Geraniums are Bulletproof (1979)
  • Teenage Head in My Refrigerator (1981)
  • The Gates of Lunch (1982)
  • Saw a Ranch House Burning Last Night (1983)
  • I Love You Little Bo Bo with Your Delicate Golden Lions (double L.P.) (1984)
  • These Floors Are Smooth (7" single) (1985)
  • Hang on Constance, Let Me Hear the News (EP) (1985)
  • Neuron Music (12" EP) (1986)
  • Live in Switzerland (1986)
  • War, Famine, Death, Pestilence and Miss Timberlake (1987)
  • Rain Is When the Earth is Television (1987)
  • The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia (1988)
I Met a Man Who Spoke Like an UCCA Form

from "My Geraniums are Bulletproof"

Something Else Instead

Who's Afraid of Humans

2 songs from the beautiful double l.p.  "I Love You Little Bo Bo with Your Delicate Golden Lions"

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