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Marcus Doo & The Secret Family - the magpie returned the ring

(Madrid, Spain). Every track from Marcus Doo and the Secret Family leads you to a very different journey, each of them full of monsters, beauty and love. Marcus has a rich inner life that keeps surfacing with new self-revelations. He lives life through this musical language. The Secret family members care after his tough and elegant fragility being as truthful and as polyhedral artists as Marcus is; they have found a very personal way to blend this complex intellectual and emotional life with the world surrounding them.This sound, so intimate and truthful can surprise and sometimes scare. This is different. This is true. This is something real.    ""

01. The Lion
02. Sarah Ann
03. Remind Me
04. Secret Family
05. El Principio
06. Solipsism
07. Drove All Night
08. Made To Measure
09. 1919
10. We Could Go Out
11. Fallen Angel
12. Ephemeral

Sarah Ann

Secret Family


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