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The revenge of the Italian music scene

Camera 237 are Marco, Raffaele, Yandro, and Ignazio, 4 artists who share a passion for quixotic landscapes and auteur cinema.
After their first self-produced EP in November '03, they recorded their first in-studio album, Vectorial Maze, in May 2004. 
promo video for "inspiration is not here"


Morose is a cold folk band from La Spezia, Italy, formed in 1998.
They recorded four albums: “La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato” '03, “People have ceased to ask me about you” '05, “On the back of each day” '06, “La Vedova D’un Uomo Vivo” '09 and several tours throughout Italy, France and U.K., sharing the stage with The Microphones, Sin Ropas, Ant, Azure Ray, Baby Dee, Mi & l’Au e Okkervil River, Alinan Simone just to mention some.
ich bin der grosse derdiedas


Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! is a band from Italy, with a musical style that is best described as a combination of indie rock and post-punk (with new wave and older punk influences)

crime wave


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